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Super Yachts

The extreme high level comfort of the “soft touch” when walking or laying on MARINEDECK®exterior influenced many naval architects, captains and owners to choose this product. These properties are the result of the natural characteristics of the cork itself which is made up of millions of cells. When exposed to extreme high or low temperatures MARINEDECK®exterior remains comfortable. A natural high tech combination provided by nature.

Cruise ships, rivers cruisers and ferries

A few years ago the Department of Marine Technology at the University of Delft in the Netherlands published an independent report listing many of the advantages of MARINEDECK®exterior. Since that report was published many naval architects and designers worldwide have been attracted to the use of MARINEDECK®exterior. The extreme durability, attractive appearance and easy maintenance of this product have made it the choice for the high traffic areas aboard these vessels.

MARINEDECK®exterior standard plank and sheet sizes

- Standard plank sizes 9 mm (1/3”) thickness x 1880 mm (74”) long

- Plank widths: 36 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 125 mm ( 1 ó”, 2”, 3” and 5”)

- Standard sheet sizes 9 mm and 6 mm thickness x 1880 mm long (1/3” and .” thickness x 74”long).

- Sheet widths: 410 mm and 500 mm (16” and 20”).

Cleaning can be done easily, eff ortlessly and quickly

The only maintenance of MARINEDECK®exterior is more or less cleaning with a MARINEDECK® hand- or broomstick deck scrubber and 2 grades of sweeper pads. Using these products and the correct cleansing agents, any deck with MARINEDECK®exterior can be cleaned easily, effortlessly and quickly. For normal cleaning a white sweeper pad is available. For more stubborn dirt we have a blue sweeper pad available and for very stubborn marks we even have a brown sweeper pad available. Extended cleaning instructions are available from our web site